The Changes Happening in the Livery Industry

With Ford/Lincoln discontinuance of its Town Car in 2011 the livery industry has been scratching its head trying to figure out what its legitimate successor should be. The town car was big, cushy, and with regular maintenance extremely dependable. Since there were few style changes, you could show up in a 2005 Town Car [...]

Will the New Lincoln MKT and Cadillac XTS have that Limo Dazzle of Old?

Cadillac XTS Limo in 2tone

Cadillac XTS Limo in 2tone

August of 2011 marked the end of production of Ford’s Lincoln Town Car, a fact bemoaned by most limousine operators. The Lincoln Town Car had basically taken over the Livery based limousine market (but not the Funeral Market) for many good reasons.

The Ford Motor Company and [...]